Created for those who are feeling overwhelmed by the state of their photos and want to take control, but don’t know how to start or what to do. The Vision Package is your flexible and customized 8-Hour Package available in multiple sessions, where we will assess your photo organizational needs and map out a plan to get everything organized and convert old media to digital.


Together we will:

  • uncover where all your physical photos, movies, slides, documents, memorabilia, recipes and any other significant memories are hiding

  • explore your wants, needs and ultimate goals

  • choose your first phase of your project

I will:

  • provide the knowledge and skills to organize your printed photo collection

  • guide you on how to start the journey of capturing your life story


“The Vision” Package Includes:

  • In-home consultation to kick-off the project

  • Personalized Master Memoir Plan outlining a complete inventory of photos and other media with recommendations for how to use them moving forward

  • On-site / off-site organization time that includes sorting printed photos, discarding poor and redundant photos and organizing the keepers chronologically in an archival storage box

  • A copy of “Photo Organizing Made Easy” by Cathi Nelson, founder of the Association of Professional Photo Organizers

  • Comprehensive reference material with instructions and tips for future reference

  • Exploration and recommendations of how to use the most cherished photos in your home as well as share with others


What is your investment?