In a world where everything lives online, it’s important to connect with one another on a personal level. Photos help you do just that.

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Preserving family photos, videos tapes and slides is difficult to accomplish without a plan, especially when facing years, or decades, of memories.

If you’ve never sorted through your photos or you’re not even sure where they all are, the task seems daunting. Like another checkbox on a never-ending to-do list.

That’s where I come in.

I know how to easily, quickly and safely sort through, weed out and organize your printed photos and memories. That way nothing valuable is lost and the photos you treasure can be enjoyed by your family and friends forever.

Here’s how my
Family Legacy Connection
System works:

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Imagine Your Living Legacy

To begin the process, choose from my package options shown below, and then click on the GET STARTED button on that page. This will take you to my calendar where you can book a complimentary consultation call. At our first meeting, we will explore your hopes, desires and goals for collecting and preserving your family’s legacy. In addition, we will discuss who will be the subject of your inspired journey: yourself, your family or that of someone already gone.

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Discover Your Family Memories

We will uncover where all your physical photos, movies, slides, documents, memorabilia, recipes and any other significant memories are hiding. When we have discovered all your family memories, I will prepare a full inventory, complete with notes and pictures, as well as recommendations for how to utilize your photos and media. You will receive a printed copy of your Master Memoir Plan for you to keep.

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Record Gems From The Past

After you have identified your most important goal, the real adventure begins! I’ll conduct interviews with your family members by audio recording, video, or both. Physical photos and memorabilia will be inventoried and labeled with all the information I need to complete the story. Your chosen physical memories will live with me for a short time as I expertly digitize and archive them.

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Cherish Your Ultimate Story

Depending on what your legacy goals are, your anticipation will be rewarded with either: a) one custom hardcover Photo-Story Book designed with personalized stories and photos or b) one custom Video Montage that includes photos, home movie clips and family interviews. Or you can choose both!

Family Legacy Connection

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The Quest Package

Created for very busy people who are overwhelmed thinking about their photos. They want the luxury and freedom to hand the project off to an expert who will preserve their entire family history.


The Journey Package

Created for people who want to be an active participant in their legacy project, but are too busy and overwhelmed to do it alone. They need guidance from an expert who is organized, efficient and creative, as well as thoughtful and passionate about preserving the photos and stories collected.


The Vision Package

Created for those who are feeling overwhelmed by the state of their photos and want to take control, but don’t know how to start or what to do. The Vision Package is your flexible and customized 8-Hour Package available in multiple sessions, where we will assess your photo organizational needs and map out a plan to get everything organized and convert old media to digital.