You go on an incredible vacation to a place you’ve never been…

Naturally you take hundreds of photos so you can capture the beauty of your destination and bring it home with you.

Then you come home and reality sets in. You crowd around your phone with family and friends to scroll through the photos. They nod their heads and smile. Next thing you know, everyone has forgotten about the vacation and the photos stay hidden for good.


Now picture this scenario…

You’re on vacation and you’re truly present in the moment. You’re eating new food, enjoying the culture, and meeting fabulous people…without worrying about how many photos you’re taking and whether you have enough storage on your devices.

A month after you return, a stunning photo book arrives on your doorstep chronicling all your adventures using the very best photos from your trip. Now you can relive your vacation all over again from the comfort of your own home.



If you want to bring your vacation home with you, then you’ll LOVE my newest package, Escape Again!

This package allows you to be immersed in the moments of your trip while I do all the behind-the-scenes work to organize your photos into a breathtaking album. No more worrying about storage or losing your phone. Your photos will be safe with me the instant you take them. 


“The Escape Again” Package Includes:

  • Initial phone call to plan out your album and discuss design preferences, expectations and known facts

  • Set-up of a free online storage system for you to upload photos instantly from your trip

  • Photo organization and selection so that your album includes the highest quality photos

  • Inclusion of titles & text, any thoughts and travelogue notes

  • Custom 8 x 10 hardcover photo-book with 30 pages of beautiful images (includes two review sessions)*

  • Professional printing and binding, with album delivered within 4-6 weeks of your return


What is your investment?   


*Additional spreads available at an extra cost

The vacation doesn’t have to end when you get home.

Purchase my Escape Again package and relive your special memories whenever you want!