Hi, I’m Marci.
Consider me your personal storyteller…

I’ve always loved history. Not the kind you learn about in school, but family history. My background as an Environmental Planner and Designer has made me passionate about preservation and obsessed with details. My love for history and my eye for detail is why I enjoy helping families preserve their own treasured memories.

I know firsthand the pain of losing a loved one and having questions go unanswered. I have always regretted not taking the time to sit down with my mommom to talk about her life.

My grandparents came from Russia when they were very young and there are so many interesting stories that I’ve heard growing up. Stories about how my mommom escaped and how she didn’t even know her own birthday (only what Jewish holiday it was near).

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I really wanted to ask her more questions but didn’t want to intrude in her personal life.
Now I wish I had taken the time.

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I don’t want other families to live with that same regret. That’s why I started Family Legacy Connections, LLC nearly 20 years ago.

I was trying to find a way to preserve my family history and the stories that go with the photos. I began teaching my friends how to sort and organize their photos and showcase them in scrapbook albums.

And the rest is…well, history!

Since then I have helped hundreds of families preserve their photos/media and put stories to those memories.

I love seeing a family legacy come to life through images on paper. There’s nothing like opening an album and being able to touch the photos that hold the key to so many memories.

Photos transport you back in time and allow you to envision what life was like at that very moment. They deepen your connection to your family and strengthen your identity as a member of that family.

That’s an experience you’ll never get scrolling through a newsfeed!

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Take time now to preserve your family history so those stories can be told and remembered for generations to come.